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One Thing I'm Scared to Tell You Right Now πŸ”₯

One Thing I'm Scared to Tell You Right Now πŸ”₯
I've heard NO ONE train on this, and women in network marketing need it - if you know of a specific training, please tag me in it, and let's get this conversation going

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

You are _______

Dig deeper, push harder, give more

You don't want it bad enough if you don't __________

You aren't worthy of being a leader if you don't step it up

You need to push yourself

You need balance

You have to do more 

You need to back off

You have to be organized

You need to let it flow

You have to know your numbers

You have to change

You're fine exactly as you are

You have to wake up everyday at 5am

You need to get enough rest

You have to be around people

You need time alone

You have to eat more vegetables

You aren't good enough

You are good enough

You aren't worthy

You are worthy

You are _______________