Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Testimony - Volume and growth

Awesome testimony from Amanda Lyn πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ❤️❤️

"Talk about VOLUME!!

Okay I’m going to get emotional and I’m not even sorry. Before Monat came into my life, I thought thin brittle and bald was going to be me at 27. I was completely embarrassed by my hair and over compensated with big bold lips and brows. Looking back now, making the switch to Monat saved me thousands. I was looking into hair implants and growth miracles. I had tried for SEVEN YEARS taking hair skin and nails, using ever “name brand” salon product and nothing helped. I had no idea a little Monat would completely turn my scalp around. I will forever and always be a Monat girl. This is my passion. No one should ever have to feel the way I did. My confidence was in the toilet. Now, I am on cloud 9 everyday and good hair days are NORMAL. Left picture is JULY 6th. Right picture is JANUARY 13th my birthday.

Product info:
IRT spray ONLY on my temples and crow (where I was BALD)
Thickening spray
Blow out cream if ANY heat is applied to my hair (I ONLY blew dry picture on the right. No straightener)"

Are you ready to feel as amazing as Amanda on Cloud 9 everyday day?!




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